The pre-existent Spirit of Wisdom is bestowed upon the Soul-Spirit unity, Neshamah as a Gift of the Holy Spirit, enabling those who have attained this unity to operate beyond the confines of limited human knowledge. The scroll tells us that to those that seek the higher Wisdom in prayer as Solomon did, the mysteries of the greater Light and the Father’s Many Mansion Worlds will be revealed on the inner planes through the Bath Kol, the Voice of the Dove, and on the outer planes through the scriptures and works of the Masters and Prophets. The steps to live a life of purity and to discern the truth of the inner voices are described by the author and expanded on in the commentary, for all these must be in harmony with the revealed teachings of Light. Then, working in unity with all Teachers and Masters of Light, as sparks of Light wedded to matter  humanity is able to use the Urim-Thummim (Powers and Lights) within to raise the vibrations and consciousness of all humanity in preparation for the great Day of Graduation, Yom Or.

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