The Treatise on the Resurrection

IT-TreatiseOnTheResurrectionThis scroll deals with the heart of the New Testament—the science of resurrection—not the resurrection that takes place after the death of the physical body but rather that which is possible during the process of life where Supernature pours itself into the physical self bringing a taste of honey of the life to come. We are shown that as we seek higher knowledge, Divine Grace provides us with the potential of the Merkabah Ascension through the Sacred Language that quickens us and awakens within us the ability to receive the Master Beings of Light of the Higher Worlds. The true teachings of the Divine Eternal Father and the Divine Eternal Christ are to move us beyond the gamesmanship of this lower world so that we can put on the body of the imperishable Spirit and see, receive and work with these glorious Whole Light Beings, here and now.







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