This scroll was used by the mystical communities at both Nag Hammadi and Qumran, and speaks of the Council of Nine, the ascended beings of Light responsible for the programming of our universe. It speaks of a time of destruction on the earth when the magnetic fields begin to change. At this time, a great galactic change and reprogramming instituted by the midway stations takes place and the Brotherhoods of Light in Vehicles of Light will come to teach humankind that we can go into the next stage of our genetic programming. Those who worship the lower relativistic light and the zodiac cycle will remain locked within the lower program unless they can learn to go through the zodiac and connect with their body of Light that is able to work with the infinite Worlds of Light. The cycles of history are shown to be signposts to this great recapitulation of all things and through the pyramidal commandments of Light and the decoding of the knowledge of Egypt and Israel, Humankind leaves behind the consciousness of the relativistic light and goes once more into the Living Light.

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