IT-PearlofGreatPrice BookofMoses

In this exposition on the writings of the prophet Joseph Smith we are shown that in order for us to understand the teachings of the higher regions of Intelligence brought to our planet by the Lords of Light, we have to be prepared through the Merkabah, or space time translation so that we are not overwhelmed by the higher consciousness attunement that takes place. As humankind was created according to a higher chemical scenario of Light intelligence by specific Lords of Light who govern this local universe, we are to work only with those Lords of Light who honour our Adamic image and similitude and not those who create grotesque beings of imperfect light. Our earthly history is a testament to the bringing of this higher Wisdom that is exemplified in the pyramidal and temple sites found throughout the planet. Light will come upon the creative waters at the end of time as it did at the beginning of time and Humanity will take upon itself the new age of Light that comes forth from the waters of destruction.

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