The New Testament

A translation of the sacred teachings of Light as contained in the encoded writings of the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, with supplemental Revelations. These teachings attempt to go beyond any singular belief system and instruct the individual how to experience a greater fellowship with the Christ.

If you are unaware of our teachings, we encourage you to contact us by phone or email to get an understanding of what we represent before you order any of this audio series, since we respect everyone’s beliefs and realize that some may be searching for different explanations or working within different theologies.

To also provide you with more insight in selecting your order we have provided two codes placed next to some of the scrolls listed. The ‘ indicates that this scroll is recommended for introductory study, The & indicates that this would be an excellent selection for advanced study.

Overview of the New Testament Scrolls
Download catalog list of New Testament Scrolls

*Please note since these CDs were often generated from older audio cassettes, we have tried to rank the quality of the cassette next to the price (Good: A; Sound could be improved:G). This has nothing to do with contents, but only with quality of the sound. We are creating additional CDs and trying to make improvements all the time.

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