The scroll of Jesus, son of Sirach is given as part of the ongoing ministry of the B’nai Or and the Office of the Holy Spirit Shekinah to prepare humankind for the exodus across the stars—or the extreme ultraviolet frequencies—from the covenant of this dimension of light into the higher dimensions and the higher Covenant. It is given as a guide to the righteous for the discernment and understanding of the different levels of divinity, the various dimensions of Godhood. Sirach reveals the preparations to be made in this dimension of consciousness to enable humanity to discern the various degrees of wisdom emanating from the higher Chokmah (Wisdom) that are made manifest in this dimension as the different branches of wisdom traditions. We are shown the importance of discerning and understanding the degrees of light experienced in this dimension in relationship to the Ain Soph Light and the degrees of kether (the seventh seal or seventh ray of light) consciousness that are emanated from the Divine Crown (Kether Ain Soph) to flow through the bodies of the righteous on this plane of existence.

Duration: 10½ hours
Quality: A
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