This ancient Coptic scroll speaks of the initiation of Shem by Lord Derdekeas, one of the Ascended Masters of Light. Although not canon it is read for the edification and education of the soul and was used by the priest-scientists in Egypt. We see the dialectic between the world of Light and the world darkness, but the scroll goes beyond the polar opposites, showing that between them is the world of Spirit that relates to the programming of a higher spiritual seed on the earth. The scroll emphasises the unfoldment of Spirit which lifts the human participant beyond the world of form. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit the spiritual essence is able to be drawn up into the higher Worlds of Light after this world is changed into a new vibration. The human race is described as being cut off from the aeons of the higher Worlds in the darkness of the lower planes and this text of initiation demonstrates that out of the Worlds of Silence (Sige) the higher Teaching is brought forth to enable those who can go beyond the dialectic of the polar opposites to transcend the body image and go into the Light essence, the Light body.

Type: Introductory study
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