OT-IIChroniclesWithout doubt the least understood scrolls in the Bible, I & II Chronicles comprise a complete subquantum physics textbook, setting forth the crossing of timewaves, lightwaves and thoughtwaves. It lays the foundation for modern genetics and particle physics, revealing the families of particles lost in space and time, and rebuilding the Messianic garment. The combinations of sacred geometry and higher music, as well as the genealogical names of the tribes of Israel, represent a detailed and meticulous unfolding of the program of Light ascension for this consciousness timezone.

I Chronicles unveils the families of God in the heavens, the Bnai Elohim. II Chronicles models the building of ones own Temple of Solomon and the breaking of the seals of the inner dimensional worlds. The two scrolls are available separately. Extremely important and powerful

OT-LeviticusBeneath the outer precepts of the Levites, the ancient priestscientists, is found an inner meaning which applies to spiritual psychology and science. The work of the Levitical priesthood is unveiled as the freeing of the Human chemistry from the earthbound dimension so the blood chemistry can exist at the next orbital level of the Universal Mind. This is achieved through the use of imagery, mathematics, and color/sound combinations.

The scroll of Leviticus models the basic atomic structure with the temple of Shekinah, Gods spiritual Presence, at its nucleus. Through the different chemical shells and colors represented by the successive chapters, a program is set forth for the purification and attunement of the body, so that it may receive the Christ Body of Light.

OT-JudgesThe mathematics of change from a physical leadership to a collective Messiahship of Light is given through the grid of the twelve judges. Science and religion in the image of death are slaughtered, along with all right-handed authority in the earth, both military and religious. The last seven chapters emphasize the spiritual preparation necessary to enter the time warp zones, cutting off the lower vibrations that cling to the old Age and that must go down with the womb of time.

OT-IandIISamuelThe victory of the House of David, symbol of the sovereignty of the universe, over lower god systems and earthly sovereignty is given in these scrolls. Here Saul represents the physical Israel that devours the spiritual Israel. Yet the People of Light are delivered by the Melchizedek Light forces working with the Hierarchy, speaking through the House of David as the house of scientific wisdom.

OT-NumbersThe genealogy of the People of Light provides a mathematical record of the active programming areas around the globe, connected with the twelve pyramidal vortex points. The names code the various spiritualscientific functions of the tribal divisions (e.g., those working with scripture, astronomy, crystalline communication, etc.) as well as the speed of light and higher levels of supermagnetism, through which human consciousness could be remapped.

In Numbers we are given the model of Gods people as a tabernacle of Light with the scientific knowledge to call down the Light. Topics in this scroll range from paraphysics, linguistics, geometric modeling of consciousness and subquantum wave harmonics, to false prophecy and fallen godsystems, extraterrestrial and ultraterrestrial opposition, and the tabernacle as an evolving stellar model.

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