NT-IICorinthiansFurther illumination of the ministry of Melchizedek and the glorification of YHWH's sons and daughters in physical form. Paul exposes the literal reading of the scriptures which fails to perceive the mathematical fusion in every letter of the Torah, coding consciousness into Light. The witness of Paul's experience of being taken through Merkabah to the third heaven, related in the final section of the epistle, reveals how the threefold star codes break the threedimensional time locks on the mind and body, allowing human intelligence to be transformed from one level of glory to the next.

NT-GalationsA capsulized version of the teaching in Romans, this epistle makes an excellent introductory study. Apostleship is shown to be the revelation of the Christhood through each son and daughter as a pillar of Light in the temple of Spirit. To those who put on the Christ Self is given the teaching of transcending duality through the trinitization process on all seven levels.

NT-HebrewsThe glorious unfoldment of the principle of Sonship, through which Divinity is conferred, is elaborated in this scroll. In terms of Kaballah, we see how the world extends through sephirothic emanations, and how the congregation of the firstborn being brought to the inhabited earth is the collective embodiment of the archetypal Son, bound with the Holy Order of Melchizedek. Redemption in spiritualscientific language is viewed as a function of the power of an indestructible life the Christ principle not the laws of threedimensional time/space.

NT-PhillippiansAs in the Letter to the Ephesians, Paul pinpoints our identity in terms of the Body of Light, not in terms of the physical body; but here the emphasis is on having the accurate knowledge and the wisdom to make sure of more important things. Here is the wisdom of the heavenly places, the Word used in the creation of the archetypal blueprint of Man, which fell into gross material form and was restored to co-reign in the heavens through the work of the Christ.

NT-JamesFaith is exalted in this epistle as the energy of Light by which one attains to the Crown of Life (the paranormal energy field). Opening with a greeting to the twelve tribes, this scroll connects the Brotherhoods of the New Testament with the Brotherhoods of Egypt and Israel, reconciling the gathering of the tribes as the first fruits of Gods creatures, with that practical issue of faith which allows one to be numbered with the higher star intelligences.

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