This monumental scroll has been called the Gospel of the Old Testament, weaving together a massive tapestry of themes touching upon virtually all areas of science, the tribal ebb and flow of the human crosscultural family, and the spiritual message of Messiahship in prophetic passages that find their echo and fulfillment in the New Testament, detailing the life of Jesus. We are shown the collective Messiahship of spiritual humanity (Israel) from astrophysical to planetary manifestation, called to be a light unto the nations.

Also given in this document are the mathematics of the Great Pyramid, the master archetype for all Messiahs, and the vision of the redeemed of all nations as a Tree of Life the seed that has sprouted and grown until its branches reach into the heavens. The Metatronic science of coding consciousness into Light is also set forth in this Book of the Savior.

Duration: 22½ hours
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