IT-SybillineOraclesThis scroll was used by the mystical communities at both Nag Hammadi and Qumran, and speaks of the Council of Nine, the ascended beings of Light responsible for the programming of our universe. It speaks of a time of destruction on the earth when the magnetic fields begin to change. At this time, a great galactic change and reprogramming instituted by the midway stations takes place and the Brotherhoods of Light in Vehicles of Light will come to teach humankind that we can go into the next stage of our genetic programming. Those who worship the lower relativistic light and the zodiac cycle will remain locked within the lower program unless they can learn to go through the zodiac and connect with their body of Light that is able to work with the infinite Worlds of Light. The cycles of history are shown to be signposts to this great recapitulation of all things and through the pyramidal commandments of Light and the decoding of the knowledge of Egypt and Israel, Humankind leaves behind the consciousness of the relativistic light and goes once more into the Living Light.

IT-IIBaruchThis scroll of Baruch, the Blessed One who through the experience of Merkabah was able to enter other dimensions, speaks of periods of time transformation, and of a particular point when the history of the People of Light, known symbolically as Israel, is to interconnect with other realms of Intelligence. It speaks of the ten lost spectrum units of Light of Higher Intelligence that will reappear within the consciousness of Israel at the end of time as the channels of Light within are reopened. Speaking in symbolic language of the sciences of the many star universes, the scroll of Baruch is a personal testimony of how every individual is to see the consciousness transformation of the Earth and experience the leap forward required to leave behind this singular sun system and pick up the additional ten dimensions of space and time. Baruch speaks of how in the consciousness time of the faithful a unique dimension of higher Intelligence will be shared with them through the Covenant of Light.

IT-BarnabasBarnabas, companion to St. Paul, speaks of his joy in sharing the direct Light and higher Truths of the Word of God that must take precedence over the lower knowledge of earth. He speaks of the true conversion and higher meaning of sacrifice. Vibrations changing the electromagnetic spectrum bring greater awareness for those able to work with the higher Vibrations and true Faith, overcoming the limitations that are sin. Barnabas also shows why Ascended Masters must incarnate to assist humanity and the reward of the glory of the Light body for those who persevere in Faith.

IT-WisdomofSolomon The pre-existent Spirit of Wisdom is bestowed upon the Soul-Spirit unity, Neshamah as a Gift of the Holy Spirit, enabling those who have attained this unity to operate beyond the confines of limited human knowledge. The scroll tells us that to those that seek the higher Wisdom in prayer as Solomon did, the mysteries of the greater Light and the Father’s Many Mansion Worlds will be revealed on the inner planes through the Bath Kol, the Voice of the Dove, and on the outer planes through the scriptures and works of the Masters and Prophets. The steps to live a life of purity and to discern the truth of the inner voices are described by the author and expanded on in the commentary, for all these must be in harmony with the revealed teachings of Light. Then, working in unity with all Teachers and Masters of Light, as sparks of Light wedded to matter  humanity is able to use the Urim-Thummim (Powers and Lights) within to raise the vibrations and consciousness of all humanity in preparation for the great Day of Graduation, Yom Or.

IT-TeachingsofSilvanusAs we realize that beneath the words of scripture there is a deeper meaning, we are shown that the teachings of Silvanus are not about the end of the world but rather the end of this system of things and the end of the Babylonian mentality that does not permit the freedom of the Spirit to flow and create a true spiritual life or to speak with the Hosts on High. Those who are carriers of the higher Light are seen as a city dedicated to the Father, empowered by the energies of a higher state of Creation that facilitate the breaking away from the energy captivity of the past. The scroll demonstrates the importance of the education of the soul in preparation for living a life dedicated to this higher calling so that one can activate the blueprint of the energies of body-mind-spirit, the Tree of Life and put on the imperishable Crown, the synthesis of the body and Mind with the true Spirit of God.

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