This description of the anointed master, Baruch’s journey through the five heavens has correlations to the activation of the five bodies of spiritual potential within each of us as spoken of in the teachings of Enoch: the electromagnetic, the epi-kinetic, the eka, the Gematrian and the Zohar bodies. The angelic messenger guides Baruch on his journey, and through spiritual and mathematical symbols, a pathway of spiritual growth and initiation is shown. His journey demonstrates the consciousness journey taken as spiritual humanity begins to use the activated spiritual powers and five bodies to transcend the entrapment into a bottom-below consciousness by the lower dimensional, fallen powers. Ultimately the ability is regained to communicate with the Godhead through the Language of Light and cross the forty thresholds of Light in the power of Merkabah, breaking through four-dimensional consciousness to attain the Light Worlds in communion with the Ophanim Messengers of Light and the hosts of the B’nai Or.

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