This letter of Love, sent from one early congregation to another, in which St. Clement contemplates the dangers that exist for spiritual seekers here, reflects some of the highest teachings used by the earliest Christian mystics. These teachings are seen to be in conjunction with the Teachings of the B’nai Or, the Brotherhoods / Sisterhoods of Light through whom the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested on the earth plane. We are called, as were the early congregations, to the knowledge of the Gospel, of the proper teachings of the Collective Christ, given on a higher plane. This Knowledge was lost and humankind thus fell back into the dictates of the seven chakras, failing to put on the Christed Overself body of Light. Using this higher Knowledge, the true child of God is to personify the new body, and activate the body of Light within, to be God’s Light to the living, working in unity with the congregations here on earth and the higher Brotherhoods / Sisterhoods of Light to code earthly consciousness back into the Light.

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