OT-AmosThis scroll documents the movement of the sons of Israel from the wilderness across the Jordan into the promised land a metaphor of consciousness transplantation from threedimensionality into the many heavens. The shift from the outer law of Moses to the inner law of Jesus is typified at the tent of meeting as the commission to cross the Jordan passes from Moses to Joshua (Jesus).

Deuteronomy gives a recapitulation of the wars in the heavens and upon the earth, the casting down of the fallen programmers and their experiments, and the destruction of false science and religion. The vibration behind all vibrations, the Shema, is also contained in Deuteronomy. An excellent basic study which can be amplified by work in Exodus (Ch. 20 ff.) and Leviticus (Ch. 127) for a deeper understanding of the Laws inner meaning, in terms of psychology and science.







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