This scroll is of a higher mystical tradition and begins with the Covenant of the Living Word and Living Spirit with the Christed ones. It is our story and speaks of a discipleship of the first-born that begins with proto-creation before the image and similitude of man was cast in the planning of the kingdom (Malkuth). The gospel Jesus speaks of is of working with the Words that connect with the Pillars of Light, the foundations of Creation through which the kingdom is rebuilt, for the aeons are evolved and re-evolved, generated and re-generated according to how the Word of God is used. Thus, those who work with the building of the kingdom on earth must recognise that it can only begin to work down here when we have the Keys to work with the Powers and Principalities from Above because, for the template to work, it must come through the fullness of the Office of the Christ. This scroll controversially shows Jesus laughing in the midst of those who weep for his body on the cross, which he is able to do because he knows that the Romans can only kill his body—while he brings the understanding of the opening of the cross of space and time, of all the aeons, that allows the essence of the Christ within to come forth for those who were sent down to complete the work of the tenth pillar of the Tree of Life (Malkuth / the kingdom).

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