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The Academy for Future Science is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people get together and explore the truths behind the Bible in serious prayer and study and with a deeper understanding of how the Sacred Scriptures connect with modern science.


Study the Sacred Scrolls & Scriptures

The Old Testament
The Old Testament
A translation and exposition of both the “Oral Word” and the “Written Word,” keeping in mind the original “thought-forms” transmitted from the ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac scrolls.
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The New Testament
The New Testament
A translation of the sacred teachings of Light as contained in the encoded writings of the Gospels, Acts, and Epistles, with supplemental Revelations.
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 Intertestamental and Mystical Scrolls of Light
Intertestamental and Mystical Scrolls of Light
A spiritual-scientific translation and exposition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Egyptian-Coptic manuscripts and visionary texts of the prophetic sages in exile, as well as modern theologies and recent discoveries like the Nag Hammadi literature.
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Come and explore our complete collection of all biblical Old Testament scrolls and New Testament texts available with unique translations and commentaries by biblical scholar, linguist and archeologist J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D. (University of California) Ph.D., (University of Minnesota). Dr. Hurtak offers unique interpretations based on his own personal experience which has lead him to an understanding of the Mysteries of the vast universe in which we live. He includes the blueprint of the Kabala, the work of the Enochian traditions as well as the ancient mysteries of the Christ teaching.

Gate-in-JerusalemIt is also our hope that this teaching will open readers to the deeper nuances of the Divine Name —YHWH (“Yahweh”)— in the original languages of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. Our teaching also emphasizes the many thrones and dominions glorifying the Divine and provides a modern cosmology of the heavens, the Earth and why we are here.

We encourage this audio ministry to be used for biblical study with friends and loved ones. In addition to the Bible, Dr. Hurtak has provided commentary on many other inspired scrolls some of which were used by the ancient Essenes in Israel and early Christian writers of the Coptic tradition in Egypt. In all of this we maintain a deep sense of gratitude to the Divine Author of the Holy Scriptures, and a recognition that the original authors wrote under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The commentary unites both science and spiritual thought with a legacy of love through the language of the Holy Spirit that has been alive in the world for over six thousand years.

If you are unaware of our teachings, we encourage you to contact us by email (scrolls@affs.org) to have a firsthand understanding of what we represent before you order this material; since we respect everyone’s beliefs and realize that some may be searching for different explanations or working within different theologies.

Introductory Scroll Studies

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Advanced Scroll Studies

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Genesis speaks of the sacred geometries issued to create this universe, the many genetic experiments coexisting within it, and the work of the Sons of Light, the Bnai Or, in conjunction with the seed of Abraham in the repairing of this universe.


Enoch showed that humanity has the ability to overcome, to experience the Merkabah and communicate once more with the true Hierarchy of Light as the Divine Names transform the body chemistry back into the Light and activate the five bodies of spiritual potential within.

I Enoch

Working as the Office of the Right Hand, the apostles are shown using music, breath, color, and the vibratory codes of Light given through the Sacred Names to resurrect and re-make humanity from the subatomic level up, establishing a foundation for the proper use of spiritual gifts.

Scrolls of Acts

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From the New Testament and Intertestamental Scrolls

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