Pistis Sophia

PistisSophia-bookcoverThis series of teachings was given by Jesus in his Light body to his disciples after his resurrection. The story of Pistis Sophia (Faith Wisdom) who fell into these lower dimensions is a parable of humanity’s story as it seeks to re-establish its connection with the Light of its higher Heritage through various repentances and calling on the Light of the Godhead. Jesus teaches of the structure of the lower, mid and higher heavens and the hierarchies that govern or control them, both positive and negative. He also teaches of the origins of the different types of souls, their journey on the earth as they struggle against the negative powers that are part of their incarnation and strive to keep them entrapped, and their journey through the many dimensions after the death of the physical body. The meaning and spiritual importance of the Soul-Spirit unity of the Neshamah in the soul’s journey is highlighted. The powers that assist and those that seek to destroy soul growth are named and their roles and functions described along with the higher meaning of traditional rituals such as communion and baptism.








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